Different domain and url shortener for asp.net mvc app

I would like to implement a simple URL shortener feature like Bitly.

My Controller name: WebController

My Action name: Redirect

As the name suggests the action redirects the user from the short URL to the full URL.

To call this action I need: https://myappdomain.com/web/redirect?id=3422

But I would like to be able to call this feature in a much shorter way with a different (shorter) domain and without the need to call the action name: https://shorterdomain.com/3422

Can you guide me how can I do this? I am a bit lost even for what to search for:(


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Method 1

Add a route to the shorter URL so MVC knows what controller and action will handle the request. Something like this:

app.UseEndpoints(endpoints =>
    endpoints.MapControllerRoute(name: "redirection",
                pattern: "{id:int}",
                defaults: new { controller = "web", action = "redirect" });

    ... your existing routes

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