Entity Framework v2 doesn’t support sql 2000?

I installed the beta 2 of Visual Studio 2010 today. I went to test out the new entity framework stuff (to see if my “issues” from v1 were fixed.).

I started adding a new connection string, but when i put in my information for sql 2000 it said “this server version is not supported. you must have Microsoft sql server 2005 or later.”. Did they drop support for Sql Server 2000 in v2 of the entity framework???


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Method 1

Submitted a support call to microsoft and they responded:

Entity Framework v2 doesn’t support sql 2000

Here is there response:

Thank you for posting this bug. Unfortunately, a business decision was made to no longer support SQL Server 2000 in this scenario.

So no support for sql 2000 in entity framework v2 in .net 4.0

Method 2

I have a work around that has not been disqualified yet.

How To Use Entity Framework 4 With Visual Studio 2010 and SQL Server 2000

Method 3

What happens if you generate model with VS 2008 and then convert that project to VS2010 and change target framework to .Net 4.0?

Method 4

Actually EF 4.0 supports SQL Server 2000.
It’s the Database Explorer in Visual Studio 2010 that does not support SQL Server 2000.
To work around this, don’t use the Database Explorer.
Instead just create an Empty model then overwrite the connection string in the config file with your SQL Server 2000 connection string.
Then you can use Update Model From Database in the EF designer to add your objects.

Method 5

Hopefully this is just for the beta since the documentation still says that 2000 is supported. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb896309(VS.100).aspx

You might want to submit it to connect (see FEEDBACK in Visual STudio IDE).

–added — just want to confirm that this is happening in the EDM wizard when you are pointing to a specific database. True?

Julie Lerman

Method 6

It’s not just EF that doesn’t support SQL Server 2000.
In Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 the Server Explorer won’t even let you add a data connection to SQL Server 2000.

Strangely, my DN Framework v1.1 code that uses SqlClient when ported to DN Framework v4 still works just fine.

I can only hope that they add MSSQL 2k support back in by the time it goes live.

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