Error: “The configuration section ‘system.webServer/management/delegation’ cannot be read because it is missing schema

I am trying to publish a website from my computer to an IIS web server via web deploy.

I have 3 servers. All servers have installed the same things (Webdeploy etc.) and the services are started (Web Deployment Agent Service and Web Management Service).

On the first server I have no problems on connecting. But the other two servers give me some error when I “Validate Connection” in Visual Studio to the IIS. When I look at the logs on the IIS server, there are my accesses listet with html code 200 (ok).

An error ocurred when the request was processed on the remote computer. Filename: MACHINE/WEBROOT

Error: The configuration section ‘system.webServer/management/delegation’ cannot be read because it is missing schema

I really have no idea what could solve this problem and hope you are able to help me.


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Method 1

I had the exact same problem, it turned out I had installed Web Deploy 3.6 on top of 3.5. Remove Web Deploy 3.6 and reinstall 3.5 and see if it solves your issue.

You can also try @james-wilkins comment below: “In my case I installed Web Deploy BEFORE installing the management service…”

Method 2

Uninstall and then re-install Web Deploy.

This fixed the problem for me — the ‘repair’ option in the installer did not.

Method 3

In my case, I installed Web Deploy BEFORE installing the management service. I tried to do a “change” on the install to include the management service (or you can add the feature from add/remove windows features), but that didn’t help (got the error on this post). In the end, a simple uninstall and reinstall of 3.6 was what worked for me. Seems it needs the Web Management Service to be installed FIRST. Typical MS instructions don’t even mention this at all.

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