Failed to update database because it is read-only

I have set up my website to use ASP.NET Membership. it all works fine when trying to use it on my development machine but when I put it on the web server and try to log in, I get this error :

"Failed to update database "C:INETPUBWWWROOTAPP_DATAASPNETDB.MDF" because the database is read-only. "


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Method 1

thanks for the help. I just found a solution. in the App_Data ACL, I had two entries : Network Service and IIS_IUSRS. the Network Service account had full permissions but IIS_IUSRS group had only read access. so, I gave IIS_IUSRS full permissions as well and it worked !

thanks again.

Method 2

Don’t forget to restart the IIS with “iisreset.exe” after altering the permissions

Method 3

Check that file on the disk. Right click and go to properties.

If it is a read-only file, you will need to make it writeable.

Method 4

If the file is read-only and you can’t seem to change it using the Properties window, you have to use a command prompt.

Refer to this Support article at Microsoft.

Method 5

The user account that the website is running under needs write permissions on the file.

It is also likely that the file is read-only as result of the transfer and needs to be set to be writeable.

Method 6

I followed Attilah’s answer and found:
1. Both IIS-ISUR, WebService had full pomission to the App_Data and the mdf.
2. But someone called “ 4.0 pool” and “all users” did not, so I allowed them.

3. I followed user1280392’s answer to run “iisreset” but failed (but still run it pls).

Then I went to IIS manager and did this:
4. Clicked the server’s name, clicked “restart” on the right.
5. Clicked the applications name, clicked “restart” on the right.

and it was ok.

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