File path as MVC route argument

Part of my application maps resources stored in a number of locations onto web URLs like this:


The resources location is modelled after file paths and as a result there can be an unlimited level of nesting. Is it possible to construct an MVC route that matches this so that I get the path in its entirety passed into my controller? Either as a single string or possibly as an params style array of strings.

I guess this requires a match on the files keyword, followed by some sort of wildcard. Though I have no idea if MVC supports this.


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Method 1

A route like


will get the path as a single string. The * designates it as a wildcard mapping and it will consume the whole URL after "Files/".

Method 2

For more information on ASP.NET’s Routing feature, please see MSDN:

And for the “catch-all” parameters you want to use, see the section under “Handling a Variable Number of Segments”.

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