Hide the term description on the term edit page, for a given taxonomy

I have written some long descriptions for a custom category taxonomy. I don’t want to remove them, I just want to hide it from the management page:


I could use CSS to hide the class “column-description”, but I don’t know how to only apply it to this taxonomy.


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Method 1

You could target the edit form for the post_tag taxonomy, through the post_tag_edit_form hook:

 * Hide the term description in the post_tag edit form
add_action( "post_tag_edit_form", function( $tag, $taxonomy )
}, 10, 2 );

Here you can also target an individual tag.

If you need something similar for other taxonomies, you can use the {taxonomy_slug}_edit_form hook.


It looks like the question was about the list tables, not the edit form.

I dug into the list tables in WorPress and found a way to remove the description column from the term table in edit-tags.php

 * Remove the 'description' column from the table in 'edit-tags.php'
 * but only for the 'post_tag' taxonomy
add_filter('manage_edit-post_tag_columns', function ( $columns ) 
    if( isset( $columns['description'] ) )
        unset( $columns['description'] );   

    return $columns;
} );

If you want to do the same for other taxonomies, use the manage_edit-{taxonomy_slug}_columns filter.

Method 2

The cleanest way to do that, removing the description field from the edit screen also in the add screen:

function hide_description_row() {
    echo "<style> .term-description-wrap { display:none; } </style>";

add_action( "{taxonomy_slug}_edit_form", 'hide_description_row');
add_action( "{taxonomy_slug}_add_form", 'hide_description_row');

Of course you need to replace {taxonomy_slug} with your taxonomy slug.

Method 3

If you also need to hide the description field in the add form use this code

 * Hide the term description in the edit form
add_action( '{taxonomy_slug}_add_form', function( $taxonomy )
}, 10, 2 );

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