How do I reference the input of an HTML control in codebehind?

I’m using a textarea control to allow the user to input text and then place that text into the body of an e-mail. In the code behind, what is the syntax for referencing the users input? I thought I could just use message.Body = test123.Text; but this is not recognized.


<textarea id="TextArea1" cols="20" rows="2" ></textarea>


foreach (string recipient in recipients)
  var message = new System.Net.Mail.MailMessage("[email protected]", recipient);
  message.Subject = "Hello World!";         
  message.Body = test123.Text;                


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Method 1

You are not using a .NET control for your text area. Either add runat="server" to the HTML TextArea control or use a .NET control:

Try this:

<asp:TextBox id="TextArea1" TextMode="multiline" Columns="50" Rows="5" runat="server" />

Then reference it in your codebehind:
message.Body = TextArea1.Text;

Method 2

You need to use runat="server" like this:

<textarea id="TextArea1" cols="20" rows="2" runat="server"></textarea>

You can use the runat=server attribute with any standard HTML element, and later use it from codebehind.

Method 3

First make sure you have the runat="server" attribute in your textarea tag like this

<textarea id="TextArea1" cols="20" rows="2" runat="server"></textarea>

Then you can access the content via:
string body = TextArea1.value;

Method 4

You should reference the textarea ID and include the runat="server" attribute to the textarea

message.Body = TextArea1.Text;

What is test123?

Method 5

Missed property runat="server" or in code use Request.Params["TextArea1"]

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