How do I turn off Visual Studio’s formatting options?

So I have this annoying issue with Visual Studio (when working with C#), I’ve been digging around in the C# formatting options, general VS options and on google and MSDN but can’t really find a fix for this – I’m assuming there’s just a checkbox somewhere and I’ve just overlooked it. Here it is:

I like to format my code like this:

Type var2    = new Type();
Type someVar = new Type();

But visual studio insists on formatting it like this, whenever the automatic format feature is applied:
Type var2 = new Type();
Type someVar = new Type();

Where do I turn this annoying feature off?


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Method 1

In the Formatting Options, In the Spacing section:

there is an option called ‘Ignore spaces in declaration statements’.
Check that option, and VS.NET will not re-format the declarations that you make.

So, this should work:

int i      = 5;
int melp   = 4;

But, when you do this, VS.NET will still reformat your code:
int i;
int melp;

i    = 5;
melp = 4;

will become:
int i;
int melp;

i = 5;
melp = 4;

So, it is really only in declaration statements that VS.NET will ignore the extra spacing you provide.

Method 2


I. Ignore spaces in declaration statements <<– check this


II. Set spacing for operators
Insert space…
Ignore spaces … <<– check this

Method 3

Tools -> options -> Text Editor -> C# -> Tabs -> “Keep Tabs”

Method 4

Look at Tools|Options|C#|Formatting

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