How I can filter a dataTable with Linq to datatable?

hi how i can filter a datatable with linq to datatable?
I have a DropDownList and there I can select the value of the Modul Column. Now I want to filter the DataTable with this Modul Column.

here is my datatable structure:

User | Host | TimeDiff | License | Telefon | Modul

Here the Code:
protected void drp_Modules_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
    string value = drp_Modules.SelectedValue;

    DataTable tb = (DataTable)Session["dt_Users"];

    tb = from item in tb //?????



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Method 1

You are better of using DataTable.Select method, but if you have to use LINQ then you can try:

DataTable selectedTable = tb.AsEnumerable()
                            .Where(r => r.Field<string>("Modul") == value)

This would create a new DataTable based on filtered values.

If you use DataTable.Select

string expression = "Modul =" + value;
DataRow[] selectedRows = tb.Select(expression);

Method 2

You can use condition to check rows exist in addition before casting.
System.Linq namespace is required for Any() to work

var rows = values.AsEnumerable().Where
            (row => row.Field<string>("Status") == action);//get the rows where the status is equal to action

    DataTable dt = rows.CopyToDataTable<DataRow>();//Copying the rows into the DataTable as DataRow

Method 3

To Retrieve the DataTable based on filtering the list of item.(i.e.,if any of the list item is present in datatable, that matched result will received.

 List<string>item=new List<string>(){"TG1","TG2"};     
 DataTable tbsplit = (from a in tbl.AsEnumerable()
              where item.Any(x => a.Field<string>("CSubset").ToUpper().Contains(x.ToUpper()))
              select a).CopyToDataTable();//By Executing this, the Filter DataTable is obtained

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