How to make a new controller default controller in core web api

So, I am new in core, and I am trying to create a new web api in core. The default controller is Weatherforecast, in other words when I debug the application in the browser the main page is always Weatherforecast. I added a new controller named MainController.cs, and I wrote some simple code there:

public class MainController : ControllerBase
    public string getmain()
        return "welcome";


in a word, i want my application’s main controller to be https://localhost:43372/main and not https://localhost:43372/weatherforecast, also I tried to delete Weatherforecast controller and Weatherforecast.cs file, however when I deleted it, the main page was still https://localhost:43372/weatherforecast, but with error because I deleted the files. So, how can i make my new controller default for me web app?


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Method 1

You have to modify launchUrl in the launchSettings.json file that exists in the properties folder.

“launchUrl”: “weatherforecast” -> “launchUrl”: “main”

Please make sure that the main is a valid controller.

Method 2

app.UseEndpoints(endpoints =>
    name: "default",
    pattern: "{controller=Main}/{action=getmain}/{id?}");

Method 3

I suggest you take a little look at Properties/launchSettings.json.

If you want to create a new controller,
Controller / Right Click / Add / Controller.

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