How to save math equations to database..?

My website is in and I am using MySql as database. I have some sample math papers in Microsoft office word. I want any kind of HTML input tool like textbox or editor so that I can copy office word formulas direct to editor and that I have to save into database


  1. Solve the inequation and represent the solution on the number line: (7x-5)/(2x+14) ≥ 1 1/4 (x ≥ -7), x ∈ R. [x ≥ 5]

Consider the above question if I do copy paste into textbox some of symbols it takes as garbage..


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Method 1

To save math equation into database, a text format is more applicable. You can convert it to any format.

Refer to this question understanding a mathematica equation on, there are many math formula with many specified chars and in text format.

There are many ways to render a text formula.

  1. <script type="math/tex" id="MathJax-Element-19">n(r) = frac{2pi r^2}{sqrt{3}}</script>, the math equation is with text format n(r) = frac{2pi r^2}{sqrt{3}} in latex format.
  2. <math xmlns=""><mi>n</mi><mo stretchy="false">(</mo><mi>r</mi><mo stretchy="false">)</mo><mo>=</mo><mfrac><mrow><mn>2</mn><mi>π</mi><msup><mi>r</mi><mn>2</mn></msup></mrow><msqrt><mn>3</mn></msqrt></mfrac></math> is in mathml format.
  3. You also can use a render in your server or a client render to render the text formual to a image, like <img src=" = frac{2pi r^2}{sqrt{3}}">

So you can choose a common formula format, when use it you can render it directly or convert it to other format, or image.

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