How to set web.config file to show full error message

I deployed my MVC-3 application on windows Azure. But now when I am requesting it through staging url it shows me (Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request.). Now I want to see the full error message, by default it is hiding that because of some security reasons. I know that we can do this through web.config file. But how?


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Method 1

Not sure if it’ll work in your scenario, but try adding the following to your web.config under <system.web>:

    <customErrors mode="Off" />

works in my instance.

also see:

CustomErrors mode=”Off”

Method 2

This can also help you by showing full details of the error on a client’s browser.

    <customErrors mode="Off"/>
    <httpErrors errorMode="Detailed" />

Method 3

If you’re using ASP.NET MVC you might also need to remove the HandleErrorAttribute from the Global.asax.cs file:

public static void RegisterGlobalFilters(GlobalFilterCollection filters)
    filters.Add(new HandleErrorAttribute());

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