How to take screenshot of div from a webpage using C# and ASP.NET?

I would like to create dynamic images from html that I’m generating on website. I have code that generates a PSN Trophy Card, ab Xbox LIVE Gamer Card, a Steam Gamer Card, and an Xfire Gamer Card. Each card is put into its own div and built dynamically from server side code. Is there a way to capture a screenshot of a selected div on a webpage using C# and ASP.NET?


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Method 1

If you need to take a screenshot you will need to do so client side. So you will need to do so using some client side tecnology like javascript, flash, silverlight… runs on the server so it is ruled out.

Here are some links to other related SO questions about taking a screenshot with javascript:

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Method 2

You’d need some page rendering library or service. Litmus is one such service I’ve heard about. You might start there.

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