I cannot create Web Application in Visual Studio 2019

I am trying to create a webapplication in VS 2019. but even in creating stage, I select Web Application, I find it Web Control Library.

even when I go to project properties, I do not see Web Application listed..

I missing some functions that work on Web Application like Web.HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.Name.ToString

any one can give a suggestion, how to convert Web Control to Web Project ?

I cannot create Web Application in Visual Studio 2019


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Method 1

When you go to make a new project, and something like this appears, and you choose Web from the type of project ropdown, do you see what you want? Do you see an option to install the template you’re looking for if you don’t have it installed currently?

I cannot create Web Application in Visual Studio 2019

It sounds like you’re hoping to create a project for which the relevant template is not installed on your computer..

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