Inserting XML node at specific position

I have an XML file and I am loading it in Xmldocument. This document has a node with some child nodes like this

<xml here>
   <child> </child>
   <children></children>  // I need to insert it
   <children></children>  // I need to insert this second time
   <child> </child>
<xml here>

here somenode has some children where first and last children node names are same where as other nodes except the first and last node has some diffrent name ( identical to each other ). I am creating a function to insert a node at specific position, I am not sure about the criteria but may be in the mid.
  • how can I insert node in specific position. I am using XMLnode.appendChild method for insertion
  • Do I need to rearrange/sort nodes after insertion. Please suggest.
  • How can I determine what is structure and how should I find where the new node should be added according to current document structure.


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Method 1

Here is a solution without using LINQ to XML. It’s implemented as an extension method for the XmlNode class:

public static void InsertAt(this XmlNode node, XmlNode insertingNode, int index = 0)
    if(insertingNode == null)
    if (index < 0)
        index = 0;

    var childNodes = node.ChildNodes;
    var childrenCount = childNodes.Count;

    if (index >= childrenCount)

    var followingNode = childNodes[index];

    node.InsertBefore(insertingNode, followingNode);

Now, you can insert a node at the desired position as simple as:

    parentXmlNode.InsertAt(childXmlNode, 7);

Method 2

you can use XLinq to modify XML document

Following is an example of xml modification

    String xmlString = "<?xml version="1.0"?>"+"<xmlhere>"+
    " <child> </child>"+
    " <children>1</children>"+ //1
    " <children>2</children>"+ //2
    " <children>3</children>"+ // 3, I need to insert it
    " <children>4</children>"+  //4,  I need to insert this second time
    " <children>5</children>"+
    " <children>6</children>"+ 
    " <child> </child>"+
    " </somenode>"+

    XElement root = XElement.Parse(xmlString);
    var childrens = root.Descendants("children").ToArray();
    var third = childrens[3];
    var fourth = childrens[4];
    third.AddBeforeSelf(new XElement("children"));
    fourth.AddBeforeSelf(new XElement("children"));

    var updatedchildren = root.Descendants("children").ToArray();

Method 3
Cheack it!I guess it will help u.

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