Is there any drawback to set ClientIDMode = Static on every object ( set on maincontent of master page)

I am working on project and each time i need to use jquery identifier $(#”objectID”). I have to change the ClientIDMode on each object to be static. Since I have noticed that the default client ID mode is Inherit so i set the MainContent Client ID mode to be static and i have found that all the object became static.

This will sure save a lot of time when working with jquery, but i just want to know is there any drawback from this and is there any reason why shouldn’t ClientIDMode set to be static at the first place ?


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Method 1

You want to be careful about setting the ClientIDMode to Static for things like user controls, or you could end up with multiple elements with the same ID.

For data-bound controls like GridView, you’ll also want to use the ClientIDRowSuffix property in order to ensure each row is differentiated.

This post has some good examples.

Method 2

Another way to deal with the IDs in JavaScript would be to do something like this:

var something = '<%= btnId.ClientID %>';

Example: If you have a button control like this:
<asp:Button ID="btnId" runat="server"></asp:Button>

and the ID is translated to id="ct100_ContentPlaceHolder1_btnId" then you could use the variable something to access the control.

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