jqgrid editurl : controller action parameters

When I use editurl property in my jqgrid, the controller action gets called after I hit submit button on adding a new row. But how do I get all the grid rows there? Which parameter should I read from my controller action method in order to get the grid data?

Grid code:

            url: '/CMS/GetCustomLanguageData',
editurl: '/CMS/SaveCustomLanguageData'

Add new row code:
grid.jqGrid('editGridRow',"new",{height:280,reloadAfterSubmit:false,addCaption: "Add Record",
    editCaption: "Edit Record",
    bSubmit: "Submit",
    bCancel: "Cancel",
    bClose: "Close",
    saveData: "Data has been changed! Save changes?",
    bYes : "Yes",
    bNo : "No"

Controller code:
public ActionResult SaveCustomLanguageData()


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Method 1

jqGrid send to the controller named parameters with the name as you defined in the ‘name’ property of the colModel. Additionally will be send oper=add and id=_empty. So your controller action can look like following

public JsonResult SaveCustomLanguageData (string id, string oper, MyObject item)
    // test id for "_empty" or oper for "add".
    // If so add the item and return the value of the new id
    // for example return Json ("123");

on the client side you should decode the JSON response for example with the following code
jQuery.extend(jQuery.jgrid.edit, {
    afterSubmit: function (response, postdata) {
        return [true, "", jQuery.parseJSON(response.responseText)];

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