jQuery Popup Window Return Value to Parent

How can I accomplish the following using jQuery: Open a popup window that returns a value to the parent window when a link in the child window is clicked, close the child window, and then have the parent automatically submit a form based on the value returned?

I realize that the jQuery Dialog is a popular solution, but I require a popup window because the window’s contents need to be navigable, and I want to avoid using an iframe in the jQuery Dialog.

The popup window is going to be used to collect more than one value, ultimately to be returned as a delimited string to the parent, but this data collection needs to occur prior to the submission of the parent window’s form. If there were a standard design pattern for an “Entity Picker”, this would be it.

This needs to work in IE8, FF3.6, Safari 4, and Chrome 5.



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Method 1

Here is my solution:

var parent = $(parent.document.body);

Method 2

In your newly opened browser window you could try something like

        value = /* get some value */
        window.opener.$("#myform .somehiddenfield").val(value); 

DISCLAIMER: I haven’t tested this in any browser.

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