MSBuild Script and VS2010 publish apply Web.config Transform

So, I have VS 2010 installed and am in the process of modifying my MSBuild script for our TeamCity build integration. Everything is working great with one exception.

How can I tell MSBuild that I want to apply the Web.conifg transform files that I’ve created when I publish the build…

I have the following which produces the compiled web site but, it outputs a Web.config, Web.Debug.config and, Web.Release.config files (All 3) to the compiled output directory. In studio when I perform a publish to file system it will do the transform and only output the Web.config with the appropriate changes…

<Target Name="CompileWeb">
    <MSBuild Projects="myproj.csproj" Properties="Configuration=Release;" />

<Target Name="PublishWeb" DependsOnTargets="CompileWeb">
    <MSBuild Projects="myproj.csproj"
                OutDir=$(TempOutputFolder)$(WebOutputFolder);Configuration=Release;" />

Any help would be great..!

I know this can be done by other means but I would like to do this using the new VS 2010 way if possible


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Method 1

I was looking for similar information and didn’t quite find it, so I did some digging around in the .targets files that come with Visual Studio 2010 and MSBuild 4.0. I figured that was the best place to look for the MSBuild task that would perform the transformation.

As far as I have been able to tell, the following MSBuild task is used:

<Project ToolsVersion="4.0"

    <UsingTask TaskName="TransformXml"

        <ProjectPath>C:Path to ProjectHere</ProjectPath>
        <DeployPath>C:Path to DeployThere</DeployPath>

    <Target Name="Transform">
        <TransformXml Source="$(TransformInputFile)"
                      Condition="some condition here"
                      StackTrace="$(StackTraceEnabled)" />

I have tested the above and can confirm that it works. You might need to tweak the structure a bit to fit with your build script better.

Method 2

You should be able to accomplish this by using the Package target and specifying the temp directory.

msbuild solution.sln /p:Configuration=Release;DeployOnBuild=true;DeployTarget=Package;_PackageTempDir=..publish

Method 3

Alternatively, you try using the XDT Transformation Tool:

I’m using this instead of messing with obscure msbuild targets. Works with app.config not just web.config.

Method 4

It worked for me with the following change

<MSBuild Projects="$(ProjectFile)"
     Properties="WebProjectOutputDir=TempOutputFolder;OutDir=$(WebProjectOutputDir);Configuration=$(Configuration);" />

From Microsoft.WebApplication.targets file under MsBuild folder

This target will copy the build outputs along with the 
content files into a _PublishedWebsites folder.

This Task is only necessary when $(OutDir) has been redirected
to a folder other than ~bin such as is the case with Team Build.

The original _CopyWebApplication is now a Legacy, you can still use it by 
 setting $(UseWPP_CopyWebApplication) to true.
By default, it now change to use _WPPCopyWebApplication target in
It allow to leverage the web.config trsnaformation.

Method 5

I’m no expert with MSBuild, but I was able to use the information from this link to accomplish the same task:

There is a section related to MSBuild near the bottom of the article. Hope this helps.

Method 6

Another answer to this topic after I’ve been searching for days before I tackled this issue:

Your publish profile and configuration names should match.

In my case mine didn’t. Manually publishing through the publishing profile gave me the result I wanted, because my configuration was set in the publish profile. MSBuild however tries to be intelligent and magically connects the publish profile and configuration based on name. (Adding the /p:Configuration in the command resulted in other strange errors about the outputpath of a referenced project).

Just to be exactly clear in what I mean:

MSBuild statement from command line

msbuild myproject.csproj -t:Clean -t:Rebuild /p:DeployOnBuild=true /p:PublishProfile=”Development”


  • Publish Profile name: Development
  • Solution Configuration name: Development


  • Publish Profile name: Development
  • Solution Configuration name: Dev

Hope this helps!

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