.NET SDK’s Not Installing Correctly

I am getting an issue with installing the .NET SDK, at first when I went into visual studio 2019 it said that I was missing the dotnet runtime sdk so I installed it like it asked and restarted my computer. I then went on to visual studio 2019 again, and the same issue arose, I went into my command prompt and typed dotnet --list-sdks and it displayed no sdks. I have all of the runtimes installed, but it says No SDKs were found. image . I tried re-installing the sdks but the same problem stuck. I even went as far as to re-install IIS. I can’t do anything without this being fixed please help soon!


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Method 1

Before you try a manual install, I’d check if the Path in the system’s environment variables is correctly configured for your system.

Given that there’s always one shared host that moves forward, it will either pick the x86 or the x64 version on your machine. This issue of not picking the right one might happen if you install multiple/different versions.

Run the where.exe dotnet command to see where the host is looking for the SDK (it’s the first entry returned). If you’re on a x64 machine, you want to have C:Program Filesdotnet listed first.

If it’s not, edit the Path system’s environment variable to have the location you want showing up higher. Doing that should fix the issue of the SDK versions you installed not showing up when you run dotnet --info.

See The latest installed .NET SDK not found for complete instructions.

Method 2

Answer above by Maira is correct and fixed the issue however for those that need a little help go to start menu, type “path” and select “Edit the System Environment variables”. When that opens, under the “Advanced” tab click “Environment Variables”.
Under System Variables find the “Path” variable and click “Edit”. Find “C:Program Filesdotnet” and click “Move Up” so that it is above the (x86) variable.

.NET SDK's Not Installing Correctly

Method 3

I managed to find the answer to this problem, and anyone else who is having this problem can most likely fix it with this solution too! So the reason it breaks is because of the way the .NET Core SDK installer works, it does not install the SDK correctly for some reason, so you have to do it manually. Go to this link, where you would normally get the installer for the SDK but rather than downloading the normal version, download the binaries version. It should download as a .zip, so extract it and then copy the contents of the folder. Go to C:Program Files (x86)dotnet and then remove it’s contents, finally paste your clipboard into the folder. Now try it out, open a new command prompt or PowerShell, and type dotnet --info. It should tell you that you have all the SDK’s and Runtimes installed. Keep in mind, you will have to download the newest version of the binaries, that way you have the latest version of the SDK’s.

The reason this works is that you are manually pasting the SDK’s into the folder, if anyone could start a ticket for the installer to Microsoft, {EDIT: MS created an internal ticket and this answer is wrong. See next answer End Edit} that would be great, and link them to this post so that they can understand what’s going on. Some of you might have come here because you are fed up with reading Microsoft documentation and to be honest, so was I! Now this might not fix all the problems you are having, for example, I am still having problems with visual studio and their .NET implementation but if I or anyone figures it out, I will add it to this answer. Hope you have a great day, bye!

Method 4

dotnet do not seem to match well with SDKs / runtimes with 32-bits and 64-bits. If you have both variants and want to only use the 64-bits (or generally, cant list up any SDK-s), you can try this :

  • Inside folder : C:Program Files (x86)
  • Rename folder ‘dotnet’ to ‘dotnet_x68’
  • Inside a shell (remember to either run command ‘refreshenv’ from Chocolatey for example to refresh your environment, if you have choco installed.. )
  • Enter now this command :
  • dotnet –info
    .NET SDK's Not Installing Correctly
  • Also list the SDKS :
  • dotnet –list-sdks
  • .NET SDK's Not Installing Correctly

This fixed up my development environment. Note that if you want to use dotnet against x86 system, you might consider to instead uninstall x64 variants of dotnet runtime and sdks as dotnet do not seem to work very good from command line with a mix of them both (and avoid renaming the x86 folder of dotnet of course as suggested above.

All methods was sourced from stackoverflow.com or stackexchange.com, is licensed under cc by-sa 2.5, cc by-sa 3.0 and cc by-sa 4.0

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