Operation could destabilize the runtime in StructureMap

I am getting this error in one of my ASP.NET 4.5 MVC application on my local machine. Other applications setup with ASP.NET 4.5 and using StructureMap work fine.
Error Message

Any help/solution on this would be highly appreciated.
The line of code that causes this is:

using StructureMap;
using StructureMap.Graph;

namespace Management.Web.DependencyResolution
    public static class IoC
        public static IContainer Initialize()
            ObjectFactory.Initialize(x =>
                x.Scan(scan =>
            return ObjectFactory.Container;


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Method 1

There is a .Net update that fixes this issue.
KnowledgeBase 2748645

When you use some third-party controls, you may receive a
System.Security.VerificationException exception. This issue
occurs if the following conditions are true:

The third-party controls use the generic types.

The CLR verifier is enabled by declaring an assembly that is marked as

The issue is described in more detail in this blog post.

The problem exists on the IL level and is only detected when the CLR
Verifier is executed on the code. The verifier makes sure that the IL
is type safe before it’s sent to the JIT Compiler and if it detects
and issue (like this) it will bark at you.

Method 2

KB2748645 does not apply for Windows 8/8.1/10. In this case, you can try : Run -> Turn Windows features on or off -> reinstall .NET Framework 4.5 & IIS .

Note: if you have ANTS 8.5 Performance Profiler, disable & de-attach it.

It helped in my case.

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