Override default url for author pages?

So the default url to display a list of posts by a particular author looks like this:


I am wondering how to change the ‘author’ in that url to something else?

I am working on a website for a charter school and they would like to allow each teacher to have a list of posts by “classroom”. So the desired url would be



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Method 1

You might wish to try..

Hope that helps.. 😉

Method 2

You can add this in your functions, and it will rewrite the slug from default “author” to “classroom”,

function new_author_base() {
    global $wp_rewrite;
    $author_slug = 'classroom';
    $wp_rewrite->author_base = $author_slug;
add_action('init', 'new_author_base');

hope it helps you

Method 3

I use “Edit Author Slug” plugin for doing the same on my http://www.techcartnow.com/author/kapil-khandelwal/ WordPress Blog. I have modified “author slug” using this plugin.

Edit Author Slug” plugin allows you to change both the author base (the ‘/author/’ portion of the author URLs), and the author slug (defaults to the username of the author).

Method 4

You can add this in your functions.php:

global $wp_rewrite;
$wp_rewrite->author_base = "member"; // or whatever

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