Pass table valued parameter using ADO.NET

How to pass table valued parameter to stored procedure using ADO.NET?


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Method 1

  1. Create type in SQL Server:
    CREATE TYPE [dbo].[MyDataType] As Table
        ID INT,
        Name NVARCHAR(50)
  2. Create Procedure:
    CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[MyProcedure]
        @myData As [dbo].[MyDataType] Readonly
        SELECT * FROM @myData
  3. Create DataTable in C#:
    DataTable myDataTable = new DataTable("MyDataType");
    myDataTable.Columns.Add("Name", typeof(string));
    myDataTable.Columns.Add("Id", typeof(Int32));
    myDataTable.Rows.Add("XYZ", 1);
    myDataTable.Rows.Add("ABC", 2);
  4. Create SQL Parameter:
    SqlParameter parameter = new SqlParameter();
    parameter.ParameterName = "@myData";
    parameter.SqlDbType = System.Data.SqlDbType.Structured;
    parameter.Value = myDataTable;

Method 2

I tried this and received the exception:

The table type parameter ‘@MyDataType’ must have a valid type name.

I had to set the “TypeName” property of the SqlParameter:

parameter.TypeName = "MyDataType";

Method 3

This question is a duplicate of How to pass table value parameters to stored procedure from .net code. Please see that question for an example illustrating the use of either a DataTable or an IEnumerable<SqlDataRecord>.

Method 4

For multilinguals, a little late to the show:

a) elsewhere on tsql

--- create a vector data type
CREATE TYPE [dbo].[ItemList] AS TABLE([Item] [varchar](255) NULL)


Dim Invoices As New DataTable("dbo.ItemList") 'table name is irrelevant
Invoices.Columns.Add("Invoice", GetType(String))
        With .SqlCommand.Parameters
            .Add(New Data.SqlClient.SqlParameter() With {
                        .SqlDbType = Data.SqlDbType.Structured,
                        .Direction = Data.ParameterDirection.Input,
                        .ParameterName = "@Invoices",
                        .TypeName = "dbo.ItemList",
                        .Value = Invoices})
        End With
   ' using  store procedure
   .CommandText = "SELECT * FROM dbo.rpt(@invoices) "
   ' or direct reference is a select
   .CommandText = "SELECT * FROM dbo.invoicedata" +
        "where ((select count(*) from @invoices) = 0 or "+
             "InvoiceNumber in (select distinct * from @Invoices)) 

Method 5

You can prefix with Exec

using( SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection( "Server=.;database=employee;user=sa;password=12345" ) )
        SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand( " exec ('drop table '<a href="" class="__cf_email__" data-cfemail="e2c9a2968380">[email protected]</a>)" , con );
        cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue( "@tab" ,"Employee" );
        con.Open( );
        cmd.ExecuteNonQuery( );

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