Programmatically scroll to an Anchor Tag

Consider the following code:

<a href="#label2" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener">GoTo Label2</a>
... [content here] ...
<a name="label0"></a>More content
<a name="label1"></a>More content
<a name="label2"></a>More content
<a name="label3"></a>More content
<a name="label4"></a>More content

Is there a way to emulate clicking on the “GoTo Label2” link to scroll to the appropriate region on the page through code?

EDIT: An acceptable alternative would be to scroll to an element with a unique-id, which already exists on my page. I would be adding the anchor tags if this is a viable solution.


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Method 1

This JS has generally worked well for me if you also put an ID on the element:


This is good as it will also position scrollable divs etc so that the content is visible.

Method 2

Using javascript:

window.location.href = '#label2';

If you need to do it from the server/code behind, you can just emit this Javascript and register it as a startup script for that page.

Method 3

Moving to a anchor from server side, example is c#.

ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(this.GetType(), "hash", "location.hash = '#form';", true);

Method 4

I suppose this will work:


Method 5

The solution


works well in almost all browsers, whereas I’ve noticed that in some browsers or in some mobile (such as some Blackberry versions) “scrollIntoView” function is not recognized, so I would consider this solution (a bit uglier than the previous one):

window.location.href = window.location.protocol + "//" + + 
                       window.location.pathname + + 

Method 6

If the element is an anchor tag, you should be able to do:


Method 7

no “#” when you use window.location.hash

Method 8

you can just open the new URL with the name appended, for instance

In JavaScript,

location.href = location.href + '#label2';

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