Redirect not happening After button click but same code works from Dev Tools Console

I have the following JS function:

        function cancelClick() {
            return false;

And then I have the following htmllocated within an ASP.NET WebForms page:
            <div class="divTableCell-2">
                <div class="field-container">
                    <button id="CancelBtn" class="ViewLogButton buttonStyle" onclick="cancelClick()">Cancel</button>

When I click on the button the cancelClick() function is reached ( I can see this in the Debugger). However the redirection does not occur and instead the page just reloads.

However, if I instead call cancelCick() directly from the IE11 Dev Tools Console on that same page the redirect works.

What am I missing? For what it is worth I have tried different variations of the actual JS redirect code (document.href, location.href etc) and I got the same outcome with all of them.


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Method 1

This button may be in a form. Given that the default type of a button is sumbit the form is being submitted and the page reloads. Adding a type=button will remove the default submit behavior from the button.

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