Replace empty string with 0 in array

I have a grid. When I enter some numeric values in that grid, it is saved in array.

                RegArrayLoopEL = RegArrayEL[a].Split('ô');

Now In case an array has empty string “” I have to replace it with 0
One way that I can do is

                if (RegArrayLoopEL[1] == "")
                    RegArrayLoopEL[1] = "0";

But for that I will have to use a lot of if conditions for every array. Is there any alternative for it? or any other way this can be done?


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Method 1

You can do it on assignment:

RegArrayLoopEL = RegArrayEL[a].Split('ô').Select(str => str == "" ? "0" : str).ToArray();

You could create a function or delegate to clean it up a bit and make it so if you change the logic you just need to change it one place:

string[] ReplaceEmptyStrings(IEnumerable<string> strings) =>
    strings.Select(str => str == "" ? "0" : str).ToArray();

And then your assignments would be:

RegArrayLoopEL = ReplaceEmptryStrings(RegArrayEL[a].Split('ô'));

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