Is this property spoofable, or 100% trustworthy?

I want to be certain a request is coming from my box only.
I have to add this sentence because I can’t ask simple questions.


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Method 1

Unless someone manipulates your TCP stack it is fully trustable.

it basically is an analysis of the network stack from the IIS layer on whether the request originated locally – most likely by coming from a 127.0.0.x address (yes, localhost is the whole at that time C network, not just

There is no way to establish a TCp connection with a fake origin, so this data can be trusted.

indicates via decompiling it checks on and ::1 – both are the common localhost addresses.

Again, and still, this is totally not fakeable unless you manipualte the network stack or the .net framework classes.

Method 2

Thought it was because it relies on the IP, however it doesn’t work for me on Azure. So, to answer your question it’s not 100%, no.

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