Response.Redirect(url) shows a 301 and a 302 in the firefox developer console

two pages are hosted in iis, the mainpage contains a link:

<a href="https://localhost/ijustredirect">Go to "i just redirect"</a>

and the ijustredirect page contains:
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)

on its default site.

the picture shows part of the firefox developer console, why is there a 301 followed by a 302?
even disregarding that one is temporary and the other is a permanent “notice”, shouldnt there be only one or whats the reason for “ijustredirect” and “/ijustredirect/” ?

firefox was already showing the mainpage, then i clicked on the link and it loaded up the second page which immediately redirected me back to mainpage – thats how to lines in the network tab where created.

Response.Redirect(url) shows a 301 and a 302 in the firefox developer console


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Method 1

It appears that ASP.NET will automatically redirect you from ijustredirect to ijustredirect/ so just change the hyperlink to

<a href="https://localhost/ijustredirect/">Go to "i just redirect"</a>

to avoid this

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