Use OpenVPN for server but keep incoming connections

I need to fake IP of current webserver using OpenVPN that installed on another server. The problem is it will block all incoming connections to my webserver ( 80, 443, and 22 for example).

First, I need to force the incoming packets to be routed over its public interface:

sudo ip rule add from $(ip route get 1 | grep -Po '(?<=src )(\S+)') table 128
sudo ip route add table 128 to $(ip route get 1 | grep -Po '(?<=src )(\S+)')/32 dev $(ip -4 route ls | grep default | grep -Po '(?<=dev )(\S+)')
sudo ip route add table 128 default via $(ip -4 route ls | grep default | grep -Po '(?<=via )(\S+)')

After that, I need to install OpenVPN client:

sudo apt-get install openvpn

Finally, run OpenVPN as a daemon:

sudo openvpn --config /path/to/client.ovpn --daemon

Please note that you must upload the client.ovpn file that has been provided by the OpenVPN server.

You can check that OpenVPN connection has been established or not:



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