Web.config – Custom error pages not working

I have tried the following (and also tried with the commented-out uncommented instead) but only get an error:

The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name
changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

In the web.config of a published website project:

    <httpErrors errorMode="Custom"  existingResponse="Replace">
      <remove statusCode="404"/>
      <!--<error statusCode="404" responseMode="File" path="Error404.htm"/>-->
      <error statusCode="404" responseMode="ExecuteURL" path="http://example.com/Error/404.htm"/>

I try it by changing the url in the browser from .../default.aspx (which is fine) to .../abc.aspx.

Is this the correct way to redirect to error pages, or is there some mistake here?


I’ve found that if I try http://example.com/nonExistingPage – it does redirect to the error page. But not fromhttp://example.com/Folder/nonExistingPage


The problem was partially solved by specifying the path after example.com. However – the site is published to example.com/subfolder and when someone navigates to example.com/nonExistingFolder – the custom error page is not shown.


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Method 1

Try this in web.config (includes 500 error support as well):

        <customErrors mode="On" redirectMode="ResponseRewrite" defaultRedirect="~/Error/500.htm">
            <error statusCode="404" redirect="~/Error/404.htm" />
            <error statusCode="500" redirect="~/Error/500.htm" />
        <httpErrors errorMode="Custom">
            <remove statusCode="404" />
            <error statusCode="404" path="/Error/404.htm" responseMode="ExecuteURL" prefixLanguageFilePath="" />
            <remove statusCode="500" />
            <error statusCode="500" path="/Error/500.htm" responseMode="ExecuteURL" prefixLanguageFilePath="" />

I would also recommend using .aspx pages rather than .htm so that you can ensure the proper status code is set in the response headers.
<%@ Page Language="C#" %>

<% Response.StatusCode = 404; %>

<!DOCTYPE html>
<head runat="server">
    <title>404 Not Found</title>
    404 Error

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