What is the difference between and ?

What is the difference between <% %> and <%= %> in ASP.NET MVC? And when to use which?


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Method 1

See also this question. MVC hasn’t changed how these bee-stings work, just how often they’re used.


  • <% – execute code
  • <%@ – page directive
  • <%$ – resource access
  • <%= – explicit output to page
  • <%# – data binding
  • <%-- – server side comment block

Also new in ASP.Net 4:

  • <%: – writes out to the page, but with HTML encoded

Method 2

<%= %> writes to the output stream (usually html) while <% %> is for executing arbitrary script code.

Method 3

Say you have a method on your page, called “SayHello”:

protected string SayHello()
    return "Hello!";

And on your page, you have these statements:

first: <%= SayHello() %>
second: <% SayHello() %>

Your output will be:

first: Hello!

when you use <%= %>, what you put in there is inserted into the html at that position. If you use <% %>, you’re just inserting some code into your page.

Method 4

<%= echos the statement out.

<% just runs it.

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