What is the difference between Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Core and Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity?

I am implementing the AspNet identity in ASP.NET MVC application. But when I am going through the online materials I am quite confused about the 2 dlls Microsoft.Aspnet.Identity.Core and Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity.

I do know that Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity is to be used in .NET Core applications but Microsoft.Aspnet.Identity.Core seems to have no recent updates and found that it is not even letting the user to login (throwing Failure in custom asp identity). So my question is can I use Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity in MVC application or should I stick to Microsoft.Aspnet.Identity.Core?


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Method 1

Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Core has nothing to do with ASP.NET Core, it’s just a way to tell that it is the main (hence the word “core”) library of ASP.NET Identity (pre-ASP.NET Core version). Since you are not using ASP.NET Core, you have to use Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Core.

Basically, you have two scenarios:

  • Either you’re using ASP.NET Core, in which case you’ll have to use Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity
  • Or you’re using an ASP.NET version before ASP.NET Core, and you’ll have to use Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Core.

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