What is the ‘page lifecycle’ of an ASP.NET WebForm?

I’m looking to get a more thorough understanding of the ASP.NET page lifecycle. I’m in the process of building custom form controls and have found my knowledge in this area to be lacking.

  • Are there any resources, tutorials, etc. that you’ve used to better understand this area?
  • Are there any tools you’ve used to improve your knowledge in this area?


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    Method 1

    I have this on my tack board. Helpful when your using Master pages.

    1. Content page PreInit event
    2. Master page controls Init event
    3. Content controls Init event
    4. Master page Init event
    5. Content page Init event
    6. Content page Load event
    7. Master page Load event
    8. Master page controls Load event
    9. Content page controls Load event
    10. Content page PreRender event
    11. Master page PreRender event
    12. Master page controls PreRender event
    13. Content page controls PreRender event
    14. Master page controls Unload event
    15. Content page controls Unload event
    16. Master page Unload event
    17. Content page Unload event

    Method 2

    I’ve found this chart to be fairly useful. Provides a brief description as to what the piece is doing…
    John-Sheehan ASP.NET Life Cycle Events

    Method 3

    This is the “original” MSDN overview. Pretty good:


    Honestly, you shouldn’t need our help to find these things. Try Google.

    Method 4

    This diagram is specifically helpful in determining the order of events, but doesn’t elaborate on them in any detail.

    ASP.NET Page Lifecycle

    Original link

    Method 5

    This doesn’t directly answer the Page lifecycle question but this covers the Global event lifecycle with events like BeginRequest and EndRequest. It’s good to understand how those work in relation to Pages.


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