ASP.NET MVC Razor render without encoding

Razor encodes string by default. Is there any special syntax for rendering without encoding?


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Method 1

Since ASP.NET MVC 3, you can use:


Method 2

@(new HtmlString(myString))

Method 3

As well as the already mentioned @Html.Raw(string) approach, if you output an MvcHtmlString it will not be encoded. This can be useful when adding your own extensions to the HtmlHelper, or when returning a value from your view model that you know may contain html.

For example, if your view model was:

public class SampleViewModel
  public string SampleString { get; set; }
  public MvcHtmlString SampleHtmlString { get; set; }

For Core 1.0+ (and MVC 5+) use HtmlString
public class SampleViewModel
  public string SampleString { get; set; }
  public HtmlString SampleHtmlString { get; set; }

<!-- this will be encoded -->
<!-- this will not be encoded -->
<!-- this will not be encoded either -->

Method 4

Use @Html.Raw() with caution as you may cause more trouble with encoding and security. I understand the use case as I had to do this myself, but carefully… Just avoid allowing all text through. For example only preserve/convert specific character sequences and always encode the rest:

@Html.Raw(Html.Encode(myString).Replace("n", "<br/>"))

Then you have peace of mind that you haven’t created a potential security hole and any special/foreign characters are displayed correctly in all browsers.

Method 5

In case of ActionLink, it generally uses HttpUtility.Encode on the link text.
In that case
you can use
it worked for me when using HtmlActionLink to decode the string that I wanted to pass. eg:


Method 6

You can also use the WriteLiteral method

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