Displaying dynamic column data veritcally

I’m trying to display column data vertically from a generic excel file upload. Problem is that the model needs to hold a relation to the header because it is generic, which is causing an issue in displaying the column data. How can I manipulate – or iterate – column data vertically instead of horizontally; preferably without CSS manipulation.

White space at top of page

I have about 20 pixels of white space at the top of my page. I have inspected every element and nothing has padding or margin in this area. When I inspect the body element it does NOT include this space. When I inspect the html element is does include this space. Also if I delete

ASP.NET Core 2.0 Razor vs Angular/React/etc

My team and I have received funding to start developing an Enterprise level web application (won’t go into details of what it does). The application will have many separate web pages but two of those pages being more focused and very heavy – heavy as in a lot of user interaction, modals that display mass data, websocket connections, chat, etc.