Break points aspx pages

How do you set a break points in server tags in .aspx pages. e.g.

<%   dim breakhere =new object() %>

The web application is running in debug mode with the <compilation debug="true" ... in the web.config. But the page says:

The break point will not currently be
hit. No symbols have been loaded for
this document.

Is there anything else i need to set?


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Method 1

instead of setting the breakpoint directly, you could use

<%  System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Break();

    // more code here...


Maybe a better suggestion though is to not put inline code in your markup – instead put it in a method in the code-behind file, and then call that method from your markup. In your method in the code-behind, you can use the breakpoints as you normally would.

Method 2

I havent tried this myself but in ASP (VBScript) you can inject a STOP statement and that will trigger the IDE to break on that line


Dim o as Object = new Object()


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