How to return ActionResult with specific View (not the controller name)

I have a method SendMail in the MVC Controller.This method calls other method ValidateLogin. This is the signature of the Validate Login:

private ActionResult ValidateLogin(Models.ResetPassword model)

When I call the ValidateLogin from SendMail, this exception appears because the controller try to search a view SendMail, but I want to load the ResetPassword View:
Global Error - The view 'SendMail' or its master was not found or no view engine supports the searched locations. The following locations were searched: ...

This is the code of the SendMail:
public ActionResult SendMail(string login)
        return ValidateLogin(login);

How Can I override the View on the return statement?

Thanks in advance


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Method 1

private ActionResult SendMail(string login)
            return View("~/Views/SpecificView.cshtml")

You can directly point towards specifc view by pointing to their location explicitly ..

Method 2

finally, this was the solution

return View("ResetPassword", new ResetPassword
                fields= fields

Method 3

The View method has a overload which get a string to a viewName. Sometimes you want to pass a string as a model and framework confuses it trying to find a view with the value string. Try something like this:

public ActionResult SendMail(string login)
   this.Model = login; // set the model
   return View("ValidateLogin"); // reponse the ValidateLogin view

Method 4

If SendMail was a POST, you should use the POST-REDIRECT-GET pattern

    public ActionResult SendMail(string login)
        return RedirectToAction("ResetPassword", login);

    public ActionResult ResetPassword(string login)
        return View("ResetPassword", login);

This will protect you from a double-post in IE

Method 5

You can return view by a name like this

return View("viewnamehere");

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