How can I capture logs from .net WebHost in our own logger?

There is proopably some simple answer this but after trawling the internet for hours, I have not yet found an answer

We have our own implementation of a logging-system
We would like to capture the information logged in WebHost in our own logger
But how do I direct the logs produced in WebHost to our logger?

Our webhost is pretty standard, if that makes any difference
We are building to .net 5

        _host = new WebHostBuilder()
            .UseHttpSys(options =>
                options.Authentication.Schemes = AuthenticationSchemes.NTLM | AuthenticationSchemes.Negotiate;
                options.Authentication.AllowAnonymous = true;
                options.MaxConnections = -1;
                options.MaxAccepts = Environment.ProcessorCount * 2;
            .ConfigureServices(services => { services.AddSingleton(_startUpConfig); })


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Method 1

After trawling the internet even more, I finally came across the answer
Microsoft has actually nicely produced a document on how to add your own custom logger

Pretty straight forward actually, as I expected.
Thank you Microsoft 🙂

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