No log for Visualforce errors

I’m having a problem that I think has something to do with recent version because I don’t remember having this problem before. Basically, when I have an error in a Visualforce page, I don’t see the error in the Debug Log. I get an email with the error description, but it sometimes takes a long time to send it, so it’s not very useful for debugging.

Laravel Best Practice for save user activity log in database ( with considering database Performance)

I have a website (Laravel + Mysql on top of ‘dedicated server’) where I save all the pages that every user sees for reporting. My site is visited 10,000 times a day and this statistic makes the database size bigger after a few months. now ‘visits’ table occupied 85% of whole database! Is there a … Read more

Sending kafka broker logs to mysql database

I have been working on storing apache-kafka broker logs into mysql database. Kafka has log4j jar file which has JDBC appender through that we can store logs directly into database. So I found file in kafka and tried to add JDBC properties lines in properties so it can send logs to database along with console and log file which is default logging feature in kafka

PHP script to log the raw data of POST

I am sending data using HTTP POST to my server. But in the server, I am not receiving the data. And somehow I don’t have any way to check the data (or debug script) on client side. But on the client side I am getting HTTP 200, meaning data is sent. Also I can see the connection and data sending was successful. However, log in the server doesn’t contain the data (only the number of bytes).