How to call void functions from view .Net Core

I have a button that’s supposed to run a SQL query.

  <button class="btn btn-info mt-3"asp-controller="MessageCenter" asp-action="Markmessage">Mark</button>

there is no forms or any sort of thing that I can use a post method for. here is the function that I’m trying to call(this is in my controller by the way).

public void Markmessage()

        Messagelookupinfo messagelookup = new Messagelookupinfo();
        SqlConnection sql = new SqlConnection();
        SqlConnection sqlcon = new SqlConnection("data source");
        SqlCommand sqlcom = new SqlCommand("update messages set messagestatus='MARKED' where messageid=" + messagelookup.Messageid, sqlcon);
        RedirectToAction("Messagelookup", "Messageid=" + messagelookup.Messageid);

There is no feedback/confirmation for the user just straight up run the query and reload the page.
How do I achieve this?


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Method 1

I made a simple example, you can refer to it.

View (Messagelookup.cshtml):

    ViewData["Title"] = "Messagelookup";


<a class="btn btn-info mt-3" asp-controller="MessageCenter" asp-action="Markmessage" asp-route-messageid="2">Mark</a>


public class MessageCenterController : Controller
    public IActionResult Messagelookup(int? Messageid)
        ViewBag.Messageid = Messageid;
        return View();

    public IActionResult Markmessage(int? messageid)
        return RedirectToAction("Messagelookup", new { Messageid = messageid });


How to call void functions from view .Net Core

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