How to remove a defined part of a string?

I have this string: “NT-DOM-NVMTA”
How can I delete the first part: “NT-DOM-NV”
To have this as result: “MTA”

How is it possible with RegEx?


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Method 1

you can use this codes:

str = str.Substring (10); // to remove the first 10 characters.
str = str.Remove (0, 10); // to remove the first 10 characters
str = str.Replace ("NT-DOM-NV\", ""); // to replace the specific text with blank

//  to delete anything before 

int i = str.IndexOf('\');
if (i >= 0) str = str.SubString(i+1);

Method 2

string.TrimStart(what_to_cut); // Will remove the what_to_cut from the string as long as the string starts with it.

"asdasdfghj".TrimStart("asd" ); will result in "fghj".
"qwertyuiop".TrimStart("qwerty"); will result in "uiop".

public static System.String CutStart(this System.String s, System.String what)
    if (s.StartsWith(what))
        return s.Substring(what.Length);
        return s;

"asdasdfghj".CutStart("asd" ); will now result in "asdfghj".
"qwertyuiop".CutStart("qwerty"); will still result in "uiop".

Method 3

Given that “” always appear in the string

var s = @"NT-DOM-NVMTA";
var r = s.Substring(s.IndexOf(@"") + 1);
// r now contains "MTA"

Method 4

If there is always only one backslash, use this:

string result = yourString.Split('\').Skip(1).FirstOrDefault();

If there can be multiple and you only want to have the last part, use this:
string result = yourString.SubString(yourString.LastIndexOf('\') + 1);

Method 5


string string1 = @"NT-DOM-NVMTA";
string string2 = @"NT-DOM-NV";

string result = string1.Replace( string2, "" );

Method 6

You can use this extension method:

public static String RemoveStart(this string s, string text)
    return s.Substring(s.IndexOf(s) + text.Length, s.Length - text.Length);

In your case, you can use it as follows:
string source = "NT-DOM-NVMTA";
string result = source.RemoveStart("NT-DOM-NV"); // result = "MTA"

Note: Do not use TrimStart method as it might trims one or more characters further (see here).

Method 7

 string s = @"NT-DOM-NVMTA";
 s = s.Substring(10,3);

Method 8

Regex.Replace(@"NT-DOM-NVMTA", @"(?:[^\]+\)?([^\]+)", "$1")

try it here.

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