Find the indexes of all regex matches?

I’m parsing strings that could have any number of quoted strings inside them (I’m parsing code, and trying to avoid PLY). I want to find out if a substring is quoted, and I have the substrings index. My initial thought was to use re to find all the matches and then figure out the range of indexes they represent.

Passing a function to re.sub in Python

I have strings that contain a number somewhere in them and I’m trying to replace this number with their word notation (ie. 3 -> three). I have a function that does this. The problem now is finding the number inside the string, while keeping the rest of the string intact. For this, I opted to use the re.sub function, which can accept a “callable”. However, the object passed to it is the internal _sre.SRE_Match and I’m not sure how to handle it. My function accepts a number or its string representation.

Split string based on a regular expression

I have the output of a command in tabular form. I’m parsing this output from a result file and storing it in a string. Each element in one row is separated by one or more whitespace characters, thus I’m using regular expressions to match 1 or more spaces and split it. However, a space is being inserted between every element: