I can’t access the site externally from IIS on docker

I have installed IIS on docker, disabled any firewall and configure no-ip for access externalLy, and finally configured no-ip on my router with port fowarding…
I have configured iis and congirured local port 91 to 80 container port…
from local ‘http://pincopallino-no-ip:91’ compare correctly the default iis page, but externally network I get ‘err_connection_timed_out’….

after, I installed apache server on docker, and configured always local port 91 to 80 container port, and apache page it works both indoors the network and outdoors ‘http://pincopallino-no-ip:91’

there is a solution?


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Method 1

perfect, now I restarting my computer, ad if run externally !

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