What is HTML formatted data

I have a project i’m working on and i’m allowed to use React and express. But rules are not to use any Html formatted data being exchanged between client and server. What is exactly meant by no Html formatted data. FYI, i plan on using json data to be sent between client and server.

Java Webserver W/ Angular Control Panel Web Interface

I have created an application using spring boot that uses angular for the front end and is a basic login portal with encrypted credentials and click verification, what I want to do is have like when someone visits the IP of the server it gets the angular portal, when it’s a domain name, it actually pulls up that website. I want to program this to happen either in java or angular to request the resource from java. How would one go about implementing this? I know how to have java handle http requests and actually get the html to the browser… What I don’t know is how to do that while using the angular front end to act as my control panel.

Getting close to hosting provider’s monthly bandwidth limit – alternatives?

The maximum plan I can get for bandwidth limit is 1500GB/month. Some providers say they offer unlimited, but when I called them, none are willing to actually offer let’s say 3000GB/month. Right now I use about 50GB/day or 1500GB/month. I checked on some CDNs such as CloudFlare and they all offer enterprise plans, which are … Read more