Is it possible to have vim key bindings in terminal?

I’m getting used to vim bindings (like pressing w to go to word, dw to delete a word, and such) and it’s modes (insert, normal, visual), and, out of curiosity would like to know: is there some kind of implementation of this behaviour of modes and bindings from vim to my terminal?

Have insert mode, normal mode and such…


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Method 1

It has insert and normal modes (the insert mode is default, and escape for normal mode).

When in vi normal mode, you can launch the full $EDITOR to edit the current line with v (the same can be achieved when bash is in emacs mode with C-x C-e).

In bash: set -o vi You can run it at the command line for just this session or add it to your .bashrc file.

Many programs use readline for input, and you can make any of them use vi-style keybindings by setting up your .inputrc with

set editing-mode vi
set keymap vi

In zsh, if you change your EDITOR environment variable, the shell will match it.

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