IServiceProvider that is not registered

When the application starts the error occurs

The constructor of type ImportExportController contains the parameter
with name ‘serviceProvider’ and type IServiceProvider that is not
registered. Please ensure IServiceProvider is registered, or change
the constructor of ImportExportController

My code

public class ImportExportController : BaseController
   private readonly IServiceProvider _serviceProvider;

   public ImportExportController(IServiceProvider serviceProvider)
     _serviceProvider = serviceProvider;

for the injection of dependencies I’m using the Simple Injector

The error happens in the container.Verify();

private static void Register(Container container)
   _container = container;
   container.Register<IXmlServices, XmlServices>();

I’m using _serviceProvider here

foreach (var element in productsToImport)
   using (var scope = _serviceProvider.CreateScope())
      var app = scope.ServiceProvider.GetService<IImportApp>();
      var task = Task.Run(() => app.ImportData(element, UserName, ImportID, PricesCurrencies));


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Method 1

You need to register the IServiceProvider, in the same way you did for IXmlServices.

container.Register<IServiceProvider, ServiceProvider>();

Given that, the ServiceProvider is a class that implements interface IServiceProvider.

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