Where to store access-token in react.js?

I am building an app in Reactjs. I have to make fetch call, after verifying the access_token. On signup, access_token are acquired from back-end server. But, where to store these access_token. Is there any way of making these access_token global, so that all component can access it. I have used local storage, cache and session storage, but those are not advisable.
Held up in this issue for past few days, any solutions for it. Thnks in advance.

Google API Client “refresh token must be passed in or set as part of setAccessToken”

I am currently facing a very strange problem, indeed I’ve been following this very same guide (https://developers.google.com/google-apps/calendar/quickstart/php) from Google API documentation. I tried it twice, at the first time it work like a charm but after the access token had expire the script provided straight by Google API Doc was unable to refresh it.