How to sort by two meta keys in admin area?

I am sorting a custom post on a page by a meta key called Order ordered by DESC followed by a meta key called Sub order ordered by ASC but I can’t fathom how to do the same sorting in the WordPress Admin area and I can’t find any examples that combine the $query->set('property', 'value') syntax with an array assuming that’s the correct method.

WP components no style

I’m trying to build a plugin menu using wordpress components but it appears all the styles are missing. For ex. the button isn’t colored the primary(Blue) in the following sandbox..

Any other way of storing plugin admin data setting

I created a plugin, and used the add_admin_menu() to add some page for users to put their Api keys and secret word.
My page content is just a form to collect those data the users puts in, now my question is apart from sending data to database as to always retrieve them there, is there another place i can store those keys and secret word?