node-serialport failing on alpine linux

I am working on a small nodejs (nodejs v4.3) project that is using node-serialport I wrapped it in a docker image. First I successfully used debian as a base image but it had a total size of about 600MB. Then I switched to alpine linux and achieved 100MB of image size. However the nodejs project stopped working with alpine as base image. Here are some logs:

“Server x timed out” during MongoDB aggregation

I have a script that periodically runs aggregation on a mongodb collection. As the dataset has grown, the amount of time it takes to aggregate has also grown. My aggregation script has recently stopped working consistently, and the error logs show:

error: { [MongoError: server <x> timed out]
name: 'MongoError',
message: 'server <x> timed out' }

I’ve tried debugging this, and the only pattern I can find is that this timeout seems to only occur when the aggregation takes longer than 2 minutes (it times out right around 2m). Does anyone have additional debugging tips for this? The 2-minute thing is giving me the impression that I just need to configure some timeout somewhere but I can’t figure out where or if i’m just falling into a red-herring trap.

“Could not resolve host” when trying to connect to Stripe’s API

As the title says there are some DNS issues and sometimes when I try to curl inside my docker container it returns curl: (6) Could not resolve host: This issue does not happen if I try to curl other websites. docker exec -it php-alpine /bin/sh /var/www/html # curl { works. some json … Read more