react component composition but confusing

so I have a code snippet here basically presenting the idea Dan mentioned which is to lift contents up in react to naturally improve performance and write cleaner code.
In the InputField component, the Button always renders, this is not the behavior I want, it should skip rendering the Button component .so what it should do is skip the render because Button is inputfield’s children props, and if children props does not change, react will skip the render.

How often is the Golden Ratio actually used in modern design?

The Golden Ratio is the stuff of legend (and I believe some derision if Pepsi’s latest logo change is of any indication) and is purported to have been used in many famous projects. My question is two-fold, really: Is the Golden Ratio really a good tool used in modern design (defined here as 20th century on forward), and if so, how often is it used outside of the aforementioned known uses?